Full 3d cad design

We do our own in-house design work, using state of the art  3D CAD software, enabling our clients to see exactly what we're going to build for them before we've even ordered any materials. This way we can ensure our clients will get the building they are dreaming of, exactly as they visualise it. Doing things this way also ensures the work is planned as well as can be.



Getting things done the right way

Our extensive experience in the construction and engineering industries enables us to plan our projects accurately and efficiently, ensuring our clients' money goes as far as it can, whilst maintaining the highest build quality on everything we do.


Project Management

not just our own work

We don't just manage our own employees. We can manage the entire project for our clients if they wish. We can manage other trades and logistics too, ensuring the plumber, electrician, roofer or mason do their job to the highest standard; ensuring the work they do is as good as the work we do and our clients' projects are built to the highest standard from start to finish.


General Construction

Not just oak buildings

We don't just work with wood! We have extensive experience in all aspects of the construction industry, and can tackle any project you can imagine. We do all our own concrete work, brick & block work, stone walling, roofing & metalwork. We also have a list of approved tradespeople for all the electrical, plumbing & plaster work we do on our projects. We are happy to promote them too!


Doors, Windows and Staircases

Not just the big jobs

We build all our own doors and windows for the buildings we construct, all to the highest possible standard. As a result we can build just doors and window if that is all our client needs.

It's worth bearing in mind though that since we are not a dedicated joinery outfit, if all that is required is standard joinery, we will likely be more expensive than others, but we are an excellent choice for those unique and unusual doors and windows that require specific planning and bespoke design. Or just for when you need things built to the highest possible standard!

Staircases can be something that can enhance the beauty of a building, be it one we have built, or one we haven't. We can plan and build a staircase that fits into our clients' building just as it should. Example of those we have already built are availble on request

We will also offer a limited guarantee on our workmanship.

Feel free to ask us anything. just click on the connect link at the top of the page. we will entertain any request!



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